Agenciamento Digital

C.People is a new business area of Companhia das Soluções, specializing in agency services for digital influencers.

Building authentic relationships, designing proposals that result in real and successful campaigns for brands is the focus of C.People. More than promoting a brand or product, it is intended to communicate experiences, sensations and relationships in a genuine way. Each proposal is built individually, according to defined objectives and respective analysis metrics.

With a heterogeneous group of digital influencers, C.People develops its strategy, guaranteeing the personality and characteristics of each one.

People with history

Carol Curry

Carol is a singer and Digital Influencer, passionate about life and a model for emotion and passion - that's the reason for the success of her Instagram. Her dedication to music is already a 10-year history.

Liliana Campos

Liliana is a presenter and unavoidable figure of the Portuguese television panorama. With a solid path based on quality and consistency in its activity.

Débora Sá

Débora is a frequent company on Portuguese television, Débora is the face of the What's Up Programme of Porto Canal and in Olhar a Moda on RTP 2. Débora Sá is also increasingly present in the digital world, where she shares her passion for her family and professional nucleus.

Carla Ascenção

Carla traces a path of success as a journalist and television presenter, national press and with an increasingly solid digital positioning as an influencer.

Marta Flores

Marta is a Makeup Artist, Beauty and Fashion Specialist Consultant at RTP, SIC, TVI and Porto Canal. She has been awarded several times for her talent as a Beauty Blogger. She is also a Digital Influencer and was a pioneer of the lives on Instagram and Facebook in Portugal.

Sissi Taveira da Mota

Sissi is a Fashion Adviser, fashion producer and model. She has already attended Cannes Festival, Portugal Fashion, Fashion Week Milan, fashion consultancy items in several television programs, even having her own program - Fashionista.

Carina Vaz

Carina is a presenter and has worked on major Portuguese television programs and author of the program “Sic Notícias Running”. Carina is also CEO of the WAY Bags brand, a 100% Portuguese brand.

Raquel Dias

Raquel is the Marketing Director of a Portuguese luxury furniture brand, was a mother recently and is still an influencer on her Instagram page. She enjoys life and has a very positive and adventurous spirit.

Susana Chaves

Susana has been a journalist for almost 30 years and carries a large and complete portfolio. She is an unavoidable name in the press and an enthusiast in the world of beauty and cosmetics. At the moment she heads the online platform Miranda by Sapo, where she joined these two passions.

Bárbara Santiago

Bárbara has been passionate about the fashion world since forever. She has worked for brands as a stylist for several television shows and most recently launched her Camille Studios.

Fernando Meira

Fernando is a former football player, commentator on the Eleven channel and paddle tennis player. He likes to share with his followers his day-to-day, his passions, travels and much of his professional life that makes him so happy.

Maria Serra

Maria loves creating colourful looks that make a difference. Fashion is undoubtedly the main focus of her Instagram page!

Caetana Botelho

Currently, Caetana is a Psychology student, but she guarantees that Fashion is one of her great passions and that she will do something related to the area in the future. Caetana gets lost in the midst of colors, textures and patterns. She loves to combine the unmistakable and that's why her looks have such an impact on her loyal followers.

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