Meet the Team

A professional, specialised and multidisciplinary team.

I.D. Sónia Pereira


Adjective: Enterprising
Verb: Dream
Passion: A good game of Padel with a great group of friends


I.D. Rui Morgado


Adjective: Creative
Verb: Dream
Passion: Being the drummer in a Band

I.D. Rita Ramalho

Communication Director

Adjective: Dreamer
Verb: Smile
Passion: Walking barefoot on the sand

I.D. Mariana Cottim

Head of Media

Adjective: In love
Verb: Sing
Passion: A round table and hours of conversation

I.D. Luísa Marques

Head of Influence

Adjective: Empathic
Verb: To be
Passion: Addicted to everything great: great friends, great music & great food.

I.D. Vanessa Francisco

Digital Team Manager

Adjective: (anti)social
Verb: Laugh out loud
Passion: #beachandchill

I.D. Filipa Casulo

Creative Project Advisor

Adjective: Free
Verb: To do
Passion: Dancing until dawn

I.D. Tiago Correia

Director of Operations

Adjective: Optimistic
Verb: Do
Passion: Kitchen and reading

I.D. Sandrina Rebelo

PR Showroom Manager

Adjective: Creative
Verb: Communicate
Passion: Torn between Photography and Fashion

I.D. Andreia Periquito

Digital Account

Adjective: Idiot a.k.a. Creative
Verb: Hug
Passion: Watching cartoons in the morning

I.D. Katrin Tavares


Adjective: Calm
Verb: Create
Passion: Discovering the world

I.D. Daniela Correira

Digital Affairs

Adjective: Authentic
Verb: Dream
Passion: Diving in the sea

I.D. Ana Mestre

PR Account

Adjective: Cheerful
Verb: Thank
Passion: My mum’s home cooking

I.D. Raquel Ramos

PR Account

Adjective: Perceptive
Verb: Discover
Passion: Finding second hand garments and objects

I.D. Isabel Mouga

PR Account

Adjective: Persevering
Verb: Innovate
Passion: Animals and babies ((other people’s)

I.D. Sofia Lima

PR Account

Adjective: Enthusiastic
Verb: Uncomplicate
Passion: Good company and good food

I.D. Mariana Barbosa

PR Account

Adjective: Optimistic
Verb: Continue
Passion: Producing detailed guides (very detailed with restaurants and opening hours)

I.D. Catarina Marques

PR Account

Adjective: Persistent
Verb: Idealize
Passion: A rainy afternoon on the couch with a good book

I.D. Daniela Fonseca

PR Account Junior

Adjective: Enthusiastic
Verb: (To make) Laugh
Passion: A trail and a dip in a waterfall

I.D. Isabel Moreira


Adjective: Wise
Verb: Love
Passion: Nature

I.D. Anaísa Teófilo


Adjective: Perfectionist
Verb: Change
Passion: Cheese from Serra da Estrela

I.D. Rafaela Vieira

Events Manager

Adjective: Dedicated
Verb: Create
Passion: Travel and meet new cultures and people

I.D. Lara Walker

PR Showroom

Adjective: Perseverant
Verb: Act
Passion: Fashion and music

I.D. Patrícia Silva

PR Account

Adjective: Happy
Verb: Love
Passion: Watch my Benfica

I.D. Inês Seabra

Digital Account

Adjective: Independent
Verb: Make it happen
Passion: A hot summer day, with a dip in the sea and a sunset

I.D. Carolina Costa


Adjective: Relaxed
Verb: Listen (people...and a good rap)
Passion: Makeup and toasting in the sun

I.D. Aline Fernandez

PR Account

Adjective: Strict
Verb: Wish
Passion: Collecting memories and photographs on trips; Collecting beautiful books, lipsticks and perfumes at home

I.D. Joana Pedro

PR Account Junior

Adjective: Enthusiastic
Verb: Reach
Passion: Cooking for my friends (accompanied by long evenings of conversation)