Porcelanosa – 22nd Anniversary
Projects and Brand Activations



Porcelanosa Porto reopened its store in Porto with a new image. Combining the 22 years of Porcelanosa Porto with the reopening of the imposing store was the challenge that was proposed to us and which we took on with the certainty that it would be a party to be remembered in the history of the store and all those who are part of it. We took advantage of the ``magusto`` and received all the guests with chestnuts, we toasted along with a saxophone and violin concert, Chef Vitor Sobral filled the room with aromas and delighted all those present and dear Catarina Furtado presented and toured the new store together with the CEO Spain and that of the Executive Director. A party for the entire Porcelanosa Espanha e Porto team that we are sure will remain in everyone's memory. Congratulations Porcelanosa Porto.

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